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Flash & Multimedia Design

Flash Design and other multimedia Solutions is a unique communications platform consisting of software and services in a combination of video, audio, sophisticated graphics and text into a synchronized, interactive, navigable format delivered through online or offline channels, including the World Wide Web, intranets, extranets, and CD-ROMs. The possibilities for effective communication are vastly enhanced by the use of rich media—sound, movement, animation, streaming media, and interactivity.

All these diverse media are perfectly blended, ensuing in simple slide shows to striking, interactive presentations. Multimedia Application can be used for corporate presentation, entertainment, education, digital publications and so much more. With the advent multimedia applications like Flash, your multimedia creation can be limited only by your own imagination.

Webeel Lab as Flash and Multimedia Design Studio

If you are looking for best flash website design company in India, than your search ends here. Webeel lab is a renowned full fledged flash design company in India with the expertise in full fledged flash website design

, flash website intro banners (splash pages), flash web banners, stand alone flash application, interactive CD design, and flash landing pages.
Flash website designs
craft an interactive and live experience for your website that elate interest levels and keep viewers coming back. We offer outstanding flash website designs at affordable costs.
We have highly skilled and creative flash website designers who incorporate many features of flash to form high-end designs and provide advanced flash intros, flash landing pages, interfaces, banners and presentations as per your marketing needs.
Having an effective flash intros and flash landing page can be the reason for getting and not getting clients. Also state-of –the –art flash landing page and flash banners will not just enhance your website but will also prove to create much better interest in your products or services. An efficient flash banner design and flash landing page is a vital element in any Internet marketing venture.

One of the important reasons for using interactive CD design is because your clients will be involved directly with your product/services as they explore through the information, thus giving you a marketing edge over your competitors. Interactive CD design is fascinating to the user’s senses. Our interactive CD design is very easy to use as we offer user-friendly navigation.

Webeel Lab Capabilities:

  • Creative Design and Copy Writing Services
  • Audio Imaging, Video Integration & Animation
  • Custom Flash design & development
  • Rich-Media Presentation Production
  • Interactive content creation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking
  • Offline Collateral Material (CD, DVD, VHS)

Flash animations have widely varying popularity, some people love them, some people hate them.  We believe that these different perspectives originate primarily from how Flash animations are used and designed.
No-one likes to be shouted at, particularly with irrelevant messages.  To prevent this, we ensure that any Flash animations we design:

  • Are in keeping with the overall design and colour scheme of your site.
  • Play at a suitable pace and allow you time to take them in.
  • Are attractive and convey a professional image.
  • Are relevant to your site's content, or sales message.

We've used Flash for a range of purposes on a number of websites, for example:
On our  Graphic Design website most of the home page is in Flash, as is the top navigation option on the internal pages.
On the SeaMode Oceanographic website, we added a gentle ripple effect to the logo, in keeping with an oceanography site.
The Jumper Trampolines website uses the animation shown on the left.
Our sample websites page includes more Flash Animation examples as part of many of the sites we've designed, or please contact us to see more examples of our work.

Flash Animation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Like other aspects of our website design, we ensure that each Flash Animation we create will also help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by entering keyword rich information in the Title and Description fields that the Flash software provides and by saving files included in the animation with relevant names.
By including search engine optimized animations on your site, you can thereby increase where your site will appear for a given search result.
That said, we don't design pure Flash websites, whilst including an animation can help with your Search Engine Optimization, currently search engines can't distinguish different 'pages' within an animation, meaning you can only use them to help with SEO for one or two keywords, not the wide range of keywords most website owners want their websites to be found for.  This is a real case of sacrificing SEO for looks, some pure flash sites are awesome to look at, though unfortunately all but invisible on the internet.

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