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Webeel is the top SMS marketing company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The bulk web to SMS service implement you to directly collaborate with your current and targeted customers, and deliver beneficial information in the form of an SMS. The SMSs are among the best online tools for inseminate the advice, and have a very huge readability rate. Thus, there are very high prospect that when you send a business SMS to your customers, they will get the information.

99% of all texts messages are read. 95% of all texts are read within 2 minutes

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Webeel an Digital Marketing Company/Agnecy and Bulk SMS Marketing company in Chennai.

SMS Marketing is one of the quickest growing marketing tool used by many companies in Chennai. Today to create, build and continue a relationship with customer. Companies in Chennai are combative using Bulk SMS Marketing to generate leads and sales. Through SMS Marketing, your SMS reaches the right target within few seconds and you will start receiving response for your offer and promotional and Traction message. Bulk SMS Marketing helps to build active relationship with customer and by sending regular text messages will keep you in contact with your regular and existing customers and so brand adherence is continue. It enables you sending messages to the clients in the form of:


Powerful SMS Features to grow your Business
  •  -SMS delivery over all mobile networks in India.
  •  -We offer uninterrupted service with 99% uptime.
  •  -Dedicated SMS bandwidth.
  •  -Instant Account Activation.
  •  -Complete security for database client provides.
  •  -Affordable price, best return on investment (ROI).
  •  -Detailed delivery report.
  •  -Efficient, Reliable and Fast.

Industries We Serve

SMS Marketing for IT industries
SMS Marketing for Real Estate
SMS Marketing for Educational institutions
SMS Marketing Healthcare websites
SMS Marketing for all Industries
Digital Marketing for E-commerce websites
Bulk SMS Marketing Solution for your Industry.


Research has acknowledge that Chennai amass around 12% of the total SMS expenditure of the country. This is of compelling bulk and is associate once again to the acceptance to change and modernization that characterises Chennaila.Bulk SMS services in Chennai has utilizes this positive vibe and fortify it with three principal factors to weave the canvas of successful SMS marketing in the city. These factors are namely,

  • SMS marketing like a greater conversion rate in comparison to current media, including TVC, Radio and Print Media
  • SMS contests have received assistance from at least 29% of Indians  on a daily basis
  • feedback in some form, each of two as a direct enquiry or as a onward to others, can be expected for a SMS text message from at least 1 out 4 Indians living in urban areas.

Why Bulk SMS Advertising?

  • Deliver your Text ads at the exact time when you think your advertisement will have maximum impact.
  • It saves time as it is quick to Create, Conceptualize & Start the Campaign.
  • Cheaper, Faster and Instant results
  • SMS advertising is Cost – Effective
  • Every SMS will display a pre-defined Sender Name of the Company which directly halps in brand building.
  • Ideal for all age groups.

Features of our panel :

  • Broadcast (To broadcast message to a group of Mobile numbers or user group)
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Sender Id (It is the company name / brand name that will be displayed in inbox once a message is delivered to recipient)
  • SMS Gateway
  • Verifying Database against the Do not call Registry
  • We provide three different kinds of applications for sending Bulk SMS

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