Parties Organisers company in Chennai

Parties Organisers company in Chennai

Birthday Parties

If you want to set up a surprise birthday party for your friends/family or celebrate your kid's 1st birthday in a grandeur way then you are at the right place. Our professional party planners take care of everything from venue booking, stage set-up to catering. Whatever the theme maybe we make sure to decorate your venue in an astounding way.


Simplistic and classy or rich and sophisticated, we are experts who decorate weddings with themes and concepts. We decorate wedding with the best quality materials that give an elegant and luxury look to the venue. We only work with the best experts to provide a creative and attractive decoration for your wedding/reception.

Family parties

Family reunions are a fun-filled and long-awaited party for all members. We at Webeel are known for organizing the best family parties with loads of ideal Family events, games and stalls. From booking the venue, decorating the stage to setting up the music and catering service, we take care of it all.

Private Parties (VIP)

Want to put up a private party? All you have to do is to select the date and decide on the theme while we do the rest. Our professionals scour through the various venues available to book on the one that best suits your needs and preferences. We decorate the stage according to your theme while the catering, DJ and cuisine are all taken care of by us. We are highly adept conducting private parties for VIPs as well.

Stage Setup/ Venue Decoration

Creating the stunning party visuals along with highlighting the centre stage is one of our specialities. Whatever the theme of your party may be, we can easily create the perfect layout that falls in line with the theme. From the backdrops, lighting to the stage set-up and customization we provide the best.


Photographs and videos are the first thing to be taken care of while organising any event. They are memories which can be cherished and relished at any time for years to come. Photographs and videos can be stored for years and preserved through many ways, meaning our memories will stay with us to be looked upon whenever we want.


There is no party without music and dance, we make sure to give you just that. Bringing in only the best of the best DJs, we make sure you can enjoy the music you want and dance to the rhythm till no more. The DJs we hire are all professionals who quickly find out what the guests enjoy and can customize your playlists accordingly.


Food plays an important role in any party or event. It is one of the deciding factors to determine the success of an event. Having contracts and tie ups with some of the best caterers and restaurants, we make sure to provide you with the food you want the most from. You can choose from a wide variety of cuisines like Italian, Mexican, continental, oriental, etc.