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Google Adwords Campaign Management.

Google Adwords Campaign management

Adwords Advertising is a proven medium for reaching to targeting customers on Google through google search engine marketing or as it known in a laymans language “google advertising”. Although, Google has introduced a level playing field for all businesses categories. Design, execution and management of your Adwords campaign, Webeel Company is the best google adwords agency in Chennai because of the google adwords experts.

Google adwords consultant in Chennai, PPC company in Chennai, pay per click advertising, ppc management services, SEM company India, ppc advertising company Chennai
Webeel an Digital Marketing Agency and Google Marketing company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Cost Per Impression, Cost Per Click (CPC), CPM.,SEM,? Well, we are here to make sense out of it. Our PPC management service team will help leverage your presence on platforms, which will add optimum value to your business. It is our job to turn your idea into an actual project in order to generate revenue.


Our Google Adwords Services
  •  Google Adwords Services - increase your Website traffic, get leads from Google AdWords ads
  •  -Retargeting and Remarketing - Re-target or Re-market the target users who have visited your website and blog earlier. we Do not miss these potential leads!
  •  -Media buying - Ensure where and when your advertisements need to be displayed with optimum reach and returns
  •  Google Products Listing- Highlight and list your company’s products on Google Product Listing Ads.

Industries We Serve

Digital Marketing for IT industries
Digital Marketing for Real Estate
Digital Marketing for Educational institutions
Digital Marketing Healthcare websites
Digital Campaigns for Manufacturing industry websites
Digital Marketing for E-commerce websites

Certified Adwords/ PPC Experts Responsibilities

  •   We Must do Landing Page for Testing.
  •   Must A/B Testing of Ads for yout best Delivey leads
  •   We Must use advanced tools for Keywords Research.
  •   Always focus on CPA i.e. Cost Per Action which means cost per leads or cost per Sales or Cost Per Subscription.
  •   Must Figure Out Negative Keywords in the Initial Stage of the Campaign.

Research -and Strategy

An Google Ads marketing Campaigns becomes successful only by targeted right customers, at right time, on right device and with an attractive ad copy that presence Unique selling point(USP) of your business.

Adwords -Search Network

Google Search Network or Search Advertising encompass "Google Adwords Software" , Yahoo ads and Bing Ads. We have specialist in Such Pay per click(PPC) Advertising so Hire us for PPC advertising, We will give Result adjusted Services. As We All Know Google Covers 86% of Search interpellate.

Webeel Google Adwords/PPC Agency Offers

  •   Business Hours Support by Email, Phone, and Chat.
  •   Weekly or Monthly Reporting.
  •   Never Over Spend Clients Money.
  •   Provide free Consultation to Clients.
  •   Guide Clients to Make PPC Friendly Website or Landing Page for Better Conversions.
  •   Guide Clients About Landing Page Testing.

Webeel Google ads marketing advertising Services

Our services range from Google Ads account setup, execution, optimization, Fillter and reporting. Considering your company's budget, target, and based on the captive framework SEE-THINK-DO-CARE campaigns will be organized and setup. Most relevant keywords are researched and analyze through an in-depth Google keywords research. A mix of energetic, expanded and responsive search ads will be enforced to produce the best results. Overtime, needed bidding strategies will be applied to get the best results from Google ads. We will also provide insights into optimizing website content and solution to develop new content required to maximize results. As a certified Google marketing platform partner our tested and proven execution will ensure that you get the highest Return on investment(ROI) from Google Search & marketing Ads.
Google display ads are a great way to create brand awareness & stay on top of mind through remarketing to your brand. We specialise in both Gmail & standard display advertising. Our tested & proven techniques help us to drive conversions in specific industry. For all companies, we provide dynamic remarketing to increase online purchases through relevant ads. There are multiple formats in display advertising & we specialise in static, HTML5 & responsive display ad types. All our creatives are A/B tested to find the best performing graphical content to increase Return on investment(ROI).
If you are a retailer looking at better ways to increase conversions, Google Shopping ads are a great way to start. There are two main types of ads which are Google product shopping ads & Google showcase Ads. Google product shopping ads will charge on cost per click (CPC) while showcase ads will charge on cost per engagement (CPE). We set up the merchant center for your business & necessary product feed to execute Google shopping campaigns. The key is to test different creative types of different product variations to identify the best performing ads.
YouTube Marketing will provide you to have a brand channel where your customers can see the latest events at your company and any updates on your new services and products. Our YouTube Promotion Experts with their cutting-edge skills apply the best techniques to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos and promote them worldwide. Our company has experience in running YouTube video ads in several countries across the world. You can read more about few tips to grow sales & brand equity with YouTube advertising. There are multiple ways in which you can run YouTube ads, and now it enables you to tell your brand's story through ad sequencing, which is powerful than ever before. There is a lot of science behind creating engaging YouTube content & running video ads using them. You as a company need to pick the right online marketing agency to ensure you get the best ROI for the money you invest on YouTube.
  •  Best Landing Page creation for good results through campaign
  •  AdWords Account setup Creation
  •  Website & Goal Analysis and implementation
  •  Google Ads Account Setup
  •  Keyword Research
  •  Text Ads & Image Ads Creation
  •  Ad Copy Testing
  •  Bid Management
  •  Placement Sites Targeting
  •  Conversion Tracking
  •  Continuous execution, monitoring the Ads for better performance
  •  Reporting the performance on weekly or monthly basis
  •  Regular call to Google team for better performance.

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